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Sale Hours

Sell your Items at Mommy's Secret

PLEASE NOTE! Clothing for the Toy/Holiday sale is limited to dress/portrat outfits and dresses, coats, jackets and all Holiday themed clothing! Shoes are limited to dress shoes and boots only. No tennis or everyday shoes. For a complete list of accepted items click here.

The fastest way to get started is to watch several of our quick tutorial videos.

Ready to Register and Get Started? Click if you are a NEW or Returning Consignor.

OK, now it’s time to get started!

1. Pick up your tags - Consignor Packets are available at the BancorpSouth Sportsplex in Snowden Grove Park near the intersection of Getwell and Goodman Road in Southaven. Additional packets are also available at the DeSoto County Libraries approximately 1 month prior to drop-off. Picking up a packet is optional. If you have white heavy weight paper at home you have all you need.

2. PREPARE your items - Wash, iron (where needed), repair buttons, gather loose pieces of toys and do whatever is necessary to ensure that your items are in excellent condition. Items will not be accepted if they do not meet our requirements. (See detailed instructions below for preparing all your items)

Tagging2 You may use wire or plastic hangers as long as they are size appropriate. Hanger should look like a question mark when you are looking at the front of the garment.  All pants should be hung from the WAIST, you can use pant's hangers or use LARGE safety pins to attach them to wire hangers.  This prevents pants from falling off the hangers and allows buyers to examine them easily.

3. GATHER AND ORGANIZE the items you are selling. The more organized you are, the quicker Drop Off will be! Your items only have to been in item order at drop-off if you would like to take advantage of our item guarantee. We recommend putting your items in gender and size order prior to entering online. 

4. COMPUTER ENTRY It's fast, fun and easy! After gathering your items click the Register Now quick link on the home page and you will be on your way.

5. DROP OFF - If you did not print your barcode tags yourself, we will have your barcode tags printed out and you can attach them to your items quickly and accurately before you leave. Make sure and bring your items in numerical order so that your items will be in the same order as your tags. Please allow 30 minutes to an hour for Drop Off. The earlier in the week you come, the quicker it will be!! If you plan to prepare your items at drop off, please plan to have your items ready to check-in at your appointment time.

6. PICK UP DAY - Pick Up your unsold clothes and your CHECK$ Tuesday April 11th from 3:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. If you do not pick up your items your check will be mailed. ALL ITEMS LEFT AFTER PICK UP WILL BE DONATED TO CHARITY, SINCE WE HAVE TO BE OUT OF THE FACILITY.

Preparing Your Items -

Please bring only items that are seasonally appropriate. Items must be good quality, clean, in style and in working condition with all pieces included (unless otherwise marked).

We focus our sale on name brand clothing and WILL NOT ACCEPT brands from Walmart, K-Mart and other discount centers unless they are still new with tags.  The only exception is Target brands. We will accept Target brands if in excellent condition.  QUALITY STANDARDS WILL BE STRICTLY MAINTAINED! (Click here for a list of brands that we will and will/not accept)

When in doubt… leave it out. If you don’t feel good about an item or feel that it is something you wouldn't purchase then do not put it in the sale. The quality of our sale is important to all of us.  The minimum sale price is $2.50.

Please don’t be offended if we ask you to take back some of your items. We will be screening items very closely so as to maintain the quality of this sale. It is often easy to miss a spot or tear when you are getting your items ready at home. We want to be known for having the best quality merchandise and we want you as a purchaser to have confidence that you are buying the best at Mommy’s Secret.     

tagHanging your Items - Items MUST be hung on size appropritate hangers, small hangers are available at most Dollar Stores.  Clothing must be on hangers with the hook of the hanger facing left like a question mark. Two-piece outfits should have the bottom half attached to the back of the item pinned on at the shoulders. Never hide the second half under the first. Matching accessories should be attached to the front of the garment.
Shoes should NOT be placed in plastic bags unless there is no other way to keep them together. Tie laces together on shoes with shoestrings. Shoes with buckles should be connected by the straps and buckled together or tied together with ribbon or string. Shoes must not be overly scuffed or dirtyONLY SHOES IN EXCELLENT CONDITION WILL BE ACCEPTED – NO “PLAY” SHOES. 

Sleepers, Socks and other Small Garments
Small garments should be pinned together at the shoulders and hung on hangers. It is usually best to pin several items together and sell them as a set. Make sure to group like sizes.  Socks may be placed in Ziploc bags.

Toys - Batteries Must be Included if Required for Toy Operation
Large toys should have the tag attached with clear tape in a conspicuous place. Small toys or toys with lots of pieces should be sold in Ziploc bags with the top taped shut with packing tape (Masking/Desk tape does not hold). All stuffed toys must be in MINT- Like New condition!. You may group smaller items for one price. NO Happy Meal or Dollar Store Toys.

You will want to sort your items by size and gender before you enter your items online. (Not required but this will speed up the "Putting Out" process. You only need to have it in item order if you'd like your items guaranteed. We will be scanning all guaranteed items and the item order does not matter.

Discount Sale
When you enter your items in our system you will have the opportunity to mark your item to be included in the Discount Sale Days. If you mark the discount option, your item will be included in the 50% off sale.

Pickup of unsold items
Unsold items must be picked up during the specified time.  ALL ITEMS NOT PICKED UP WILL BE DONATED TO A LOCAL CHARITY OR SCHOOL . 

Donated Items
After entering your items in our inventory system you will have the option to mark all items for donation, no donation or specify certain items for donation.  All items marked for donation are not guaranteed.  We pull all donation items prior to sorting.

Attaching the Tag
After entering your items you can print your barcode tags on heavy weight cardstock or pick up a packet with the blank card stock supplied. Print your tags and then attach the tag to the upper right corner of the garment with a safety pin or tag gun.  NO straight pens - they HURT! and will fall out.  Secure tags to toys and other items securely with tape.  If the tags fall off and we are unable to match them back to your item, we can not sell them. Make sure not to damage the barcode.

If you have any further questions please contact Melanie at 901-606-8434 or Lori at 901-491-2275.